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Department of Chemical Engineering

Engr. S.O. Okpo (AMNSChE)

Department of Chemical Engineering




Chemical engineering is a comprehensive and vast field of study with far-reaching impact on society.  Chemical engineering principles cut across various chemical process industries which include oil and natural gas, fine chemicals, textiles/clothing industry, dyes and coloring, food processing, agriculture, polymers, plastics, rubbers, surface coatings and paints, oils, petrochemicals, soaps, detergents, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology etc. So, every aspect of life and living is influenced by raw materials that are manufactured using chemical engineering principles. The common link between all these industries is that the same chemical engineering principles apply. Consequently, these are all the industries that you can touch with a background in chemical engineering. Because of the extremely versatile nature of the chemical engineering field, Chemical engineers are sometimes called ‘Universal Engineers’ because it is such a broad discipline – they are essentially concerned with transforming one thing into another.

The department of Chemical Engineering Technology, Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro took off formally as a department in the School of Engineering Technology in 2016 after approval from the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).  The department admitted her first set of fourteen (14) students in that same year for two years National Diploma (ND) programme. Since its inception, the department has employed highly qualified trained, well-educated and professional chemical engineers. The department has four (4) well-equipped laboratories and workshops which include units operations, fluid mechanics, heat/mass transfer and general chemical engineering laboratory to train our diploma students. Chemical Engineering Technology Department is one of the fastest-growing department in the Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro.  The department has graduated two (2) sets of students since inception. We believe that our graduates possess fundamental understanding, skills and knowledge in Chemical Engineering Technology capable of providing services and leadership to any nation.  

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